Group Events
& Birthdays

Our Party Room allows up to 12 painters.


Our friendly staff will explain the painting process, and will be near by if you should you have any questions.

A table for cake, presents and food is provided, but don't forget to bring plates and utensils.

The minimum booking is for 6 participants and an adult must be present in the party room at all times during children's parties.

Finished pieces must be picked up by the party planner. 

Do you want to stay clost by but not partake? Grab one of our delicious cafe drinks and hang out in our cafe area until the kids are done!

When booking we require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit. This covers the cost of using the room for 2 hours. Need more time? Just let us know when booking!

Creative Tiles

Keep things simple with our 6x6 tiles. These offer a blank canvas for participants to create whatever they please. 

Suggested for 8+

$10.00 per person

Tiny Tots

These little cuties fit in yuor palm. Our stock is always rotating, so there will always be different options to choose from.

All age groups

$16.00 per person

Choose your Creations

Let everyone be free to choose what they would like to paint from our plentiful selection.

Happy Painting!

Some party packages include discounted pieces for a maximum of 12 participants. If you choose to include extra painters, the regular price will apply. Please be respectful of our limit of 12 painters.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Creative Crate
19+ Events

Creativity on the go! The Creative crate has everything you need to enjoy pottery painting anytime, anywhere!

Each Creative crate requires a deposit to take the crate home with you, and once you return the crate, you'll get it back. 

Please be nice to our crates and supplies, if anything is missing or damaged, the deposit will not be fully refunded.

Usually once a month or so, we close our doors to the public and host a 19+ event (Usually with a fun theme).


Call us to find out when our next 19+ event is.

Planning to come with a large group but don't need your own space?


Call ahead and we can prepare some tables and ensure the space availability for you!