• Get Creative •

Our cozy studio welcomes everyone to come have fun, relax, and get creative!

From 3 to 103, painting pottery is an activity anyone can enjoy - no appointment necessary!

Not a creative bone in your body? Our friendly staff is here to help you with stencils, silk screens, stamps, and many other painting techniques that will inspire your inner artist.

• The Process •

Take a look through our large selection of pottery. We have over 100 pieces to choose from!

Our price includes the pottery, paint, glaze, table, and firing time - so no extra surprises.

Prices start around $10, but most people average $25-$45, depending on what you choose.

We will always have the latest seasonal pottery designs available!

Next, browse our paint bar! Here you will find inspiration to choose your unique design.

We even have pre-painted pieces throughout the studio to get your creative juices flowing.

We have stencils, tracing paper, stamps, silk screens, and so much more!

Use our tools, or go free hand with your design.

Our staff has plenty of tips and tricks to help achieve the desired effect you would like!

We  are continuously expanding our knowledge to show you the latest ways to get creative.

Now that you have a design in mind, its time for colors!

Choose a few colors of paint from our selection and add them to your paint tray.

We find most designs are much more appealing with a maximum of 4-5 colors.

However, that's just our opinion! You are the artist!

We even carry "art in a jar". A simple process with an amazing end result!

It takes 1-2 hours to paint, but feel free to take your time.

Enjoy a cup of tea or a freshly ground coffee, along with a light snack while you paint!

And FYI, younger artists are usually pretty quick to finish up their creations.

We have drinks and snacks for them too!

Once you finish up, leave your piece with one of our staff members.

They will tag it, and bring it to our kiln room to be fired.

During the firing process, the colors will pop and reveal a beautiful, glossy finish!

We will let you know when your creation will be ready for pickup, but its usually *3-4 days.


Come back and create with us again and again!

* Pieces created with groups, parties, classes, will take longer than the normal 3-4 days for pickup.

During peak seasons, pickup times may vary as well. 



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