• Creative Crate •

Did you know you can create on the go?

Book our Creative Crate for fun on the run!

Headed to the cabin for the weekend?

Want to paint at home?

Backyard picnic?

These are just a few examples of a great time to bring along a box of fun!

Our Creative Crate has everything you need to enjoy pottery painting anytime, anywhere. Paint brushes, paints, and even a few tips to inspire you.


Guess what? No extra charge for the crate!

Give us a call to reserve yours. But hurry - we only have a few.

Choose any pottery from our collection to add to your crate - we have lots!

Take everything with you and have fun!

When you are finished your creations, bring them back to be fired in our kiln.


As a heads up, we do require a deposit to take the crate home with you.

Once you return the crate and supplies, you'll get it back!

Please be nice to our crates and supplies!

If anything is missing or damaged, the deposit will not be fully refunded. 

582 George Street

Sydney, Nova Scotia

B1P 1K9

Ph: 902-539-3473




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